easy analytics

Here we briefly explain case with analytics for 1 category (Ironing Boards). Amazon is a huge and IT-based complex gateway manage sales of your goods, and there are a lot of players, including Amazon themselves. Amazon has own API services and telephone hotline, but sometimes it's too complicated to understand the potentian of your sales without doing some extra analytics, so what we propose:

Private client's query was to make a regular competitors monitoring of Amazon sales in dedicated category, with clear price data and frequent price updates.

Our services for this:
- Regular daily downloading (parsing) the Amazon range (Category = Ironing Boards) ±500 sku / day
- Intelligent disparsing text data from item description
- Storing images and price history
- MDS classification of items by parameters: size, color, use purpose
- Proposals for new range based over analysis of current range

We are happy to share our experience in Amazon price parsing, trekking and analytics!

Downloadable solutions and proposals

Downloadable methodology [PDF]

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