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Diy e-commerce market is a challenge task to monitor and classify it on daily basis. Construction materials purchasing is very sensitive to price you provide. We belive that we could deliver our best practices to you.

Most popular reports for our clients:
- Competitors range report (xlsx)
- Price matching report (pdf)
- Category price report (pdf)
- Price tracking report (pdf)


Castorama (part of Kingfisher group) This retailer opertates 30 stores in local market with 300 Mio Eur turnover. Operates in France, Poland, Italy and Russia. We assist this client to be efficient in the following:

Our services for Castorama:
- Weekly competitors range, price and stock delivery for Client with 6 competitors in 8 different cities, what is 52 stores.


OBI is an iternational retailer, operates in 11 European countries with > 570 stores and 6,5 Bn Eur turnover. We assist OBI in handle parsing:

Our services for OBI:
- Competitors e-commerce monitoring


Maxidom is a Russian retailer with 9 stores, operating since 1997 on Russian Market with 125 Mio Eur turnover. Maxidom has modern and convenient-to-shop e-commerce store, and we supply Maxidom with the follwing operations:

Our services for Maxidom:
- Competitors e-commerce monitoring
- Price matching is a key resource in local Russian market, provides daily analytics and statistics to key market players. We cooperate with with our analytical services, and provide our partners with the following:

Our services for
- Automated retail sales analysis
- Cross sales analytics
- Range analytics with clear alghorytms streamed to manage big range automatio
- Promotion items analytics
- Quick automatic merchandising tips

Henkel Bau

Henkel is an important FMCG supplier with turnover more than 20 Bn Eur. We provide Henkel Bau dept with competitors price information that we extract during physical offline visits of our representatives:

Our services for Henkel Bau:
- Stock exchange-style price tracking

..Since the experience is important in B2B market, here we've described some major cases of our regular workflow. You are welcome to see the details in PDF in the right side of the screen.