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Here we briefly explain the proposed and enrolled solutions for our clients in Fashion segment. Fashion pricing is quite important to manage since the consumer are able to check prices in your competitors page. You could apply huge CRM programs, but if you show higher price for a few times to the same customer - the competitor would be selected. So price managing in fashion (especially on price agreggators) is a daily operational work, and we are happy to assist you with this.

Most popular reports for our clients are:

- Competitors range report (xlsx)
- Price matching report (pdf)
- Category price report (pdf)
- Price tracking report (pdf)


Lamoda is international e-commerce business, operated on UK, Russian and CIS markets. It is efficient equivalent to well-known Zalando company. Lamoda is a part of GFG - Global Fashion Group. GFG operates across the five continents with a focus on growth markets covering 23 countries with a EUR 330bn fashion market and population of over 2.5bn people who continue to move rapidly online and purchase via e-commerce . Lamoda'a range is about 100,000 sku.

Our services for Lamoda:
- Regular price matching


Ostin is local player of Fashion retail stores, operate more than in 39 cities.

Our services for Ostin:
- Regular competitors monitoring


Modis is local player of Fashion retail stores, operate more than in 80 cities.

Our services for Modis:
- Daily price and competitors range monitoring