Who we are?

GetRealPrice is a Moscow registered company operating its business since 2012 for numerous domestic and international retail clients. We monitor online eshops, product catalogues and webpages regularly in different branches in Russia and across several European countries.

GetRealPrice.com has been founded by two experienced Retail Managers, who are graduated Mathematicians, back in 2012. Based on their previous retail experience they coded first prototypes to extract pricing data from competitor webpages as an hobby. But quickly, they realized that many retailers demanded professional price monitoring solutions. Thus they professionalized their prototypes and started GetRealPrice.com. During the first three years of operations GetRealPrice.com managed service contracts from over 20 different well-known retailers. Based in an external, secured data warehouse GetRealPrice.com downloaded, matched and verified already pricing data for more than 600.000 different products and we provided more than 30 million data sets to our clients so far.

What we do?

Our typical operations

  • Direct product monitoring i.e. actual price, current stock level, product specifications, product image
  • Product matching - Matching your own products with identical and comparable competitor products
  • Price tracking over time - Understand when your competition is changing their prices
  • Price baskets - Classify your competitors product into your own product category structure and compare your pricing across pricebaskets
  • Sales analytics for individual products or product categories
  • Manual data mining requests for big data (i.e. clients adhoc requests)

Who are our clients?

Welcome to Getrealprice.com!

We at GetRealPrice.com supply our clients with structured and easy-to-operate pricing data from their online competitors, pricing history, stock availability, purchasing baskets for your own decision making. Your business will benefit immediately: by choosing appropriate product prices you safeguard your gross margins and increase your promotion-based revenues via offering attractive promo prices to your customers. GetRealPrice.com has a proven track-record in providing tailor-made price monitoring solutions for Business-to-Business environments in fashion retail, Do-it-yourself retail and other branches. Our top-notch algorithms have been developed in-house by versatile mathematicians with in-depth retail experience.

1. Simple and clear

We provide easy-to-understand solutions for your business which you can immediately apply to simplify your own decision making. We can provide pricing data fast and reliable. Our clients just need to inform us about their relevant competitors and required data formats. We at GetRealPrice.com then suggest a detailed business proposal with a few days and typically provide first data sets within two weeks. During an initial trial period our clients already receive daily refreshed pricing updates and few selected reports. Our product matching algorithms are highly sophisticated, but still easy to understand and to configure. On top of that we conduct a manual quality checks via image comparisons to provide you relevant data for your products.

2. Experienced solutions

No idea how to start pricing comparisons? Over-flooded by vast number of own products? Lost in too many product differences? Too many competitors with online webpages? Don´t worry, our experts from Sales and R&D will share our industry insights into various retail branches like Fashion, Do-it-Yourself (DIY), FMCG with you. We are able to provide you regular price monitoring solutions and to propose you the most efficient solution for your own business.

3. Cost-save and cost-safe

Our clients benefit from our solutions directly generating substantial cost savings via

- avoidance of margin losses i.e. prevent too low prices vis-a-vis competition,
- margin optimization for premium pricing, especially on exclusive items no competitor offers,
- improved promotional efficiency by hitting the „right“ promotional prices based on pricing transparency we provide.
- And we do more for you! Our prices are fixed and hence your budgeted costs are safe.
- As we are 100% convinced in offering great, flexible price monitoring solutions, we offer to our clients a free trial run for several weeks to fully understand benefits of our solution.